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I had a situation happen to me recently, that most men would give their left nut to have happen to them! It was without a doubt the most exciting thing to ever happen to me anyway. I am happily married with two children, a gorgeous wife, who loves just about any form of sex; I have a good job, nice home and just about everything a guy could want. Except that is, my neighbor's wife! A few years ago, my wife and I had a nice home built out in the country. We were kind of isolated, until last year when Joe and Tammy bought the lot down from us and had their house built. We became very good friends with them. Tammy was a raving knock- out! To me, she just exuded sex as a natural phenomenon. She is 5'6" tall, 122 lbs, gorgeous long legs, and a figure that takes any man's attention immediately. So suffice it to say that I had hot nuts for Tammy, almost from the first day they moved in next door. Tammy would sometimes lie out in their back yard and sun herself in her bikini. From our back bedroom of our house, I had a pretty good view of their yard. Although she never sunned herself naked, she would often be laying with her halter undone, and I would get a glimpse of a side of one of her perfect tits, now and then. I usually got home from work before my wife did, and with the kids out playing, I could go up and peek at Tammy. I pumped quite a few loads out of my cock while spying on her, always hoping for that one full tit shot that never happened. Well anyway, Joe is an engineering consultant for a large company, and was gone for weeks and even months, so Tammy would come over quite a bit and visit with my wife or they would go shopping together and so on. About a year after they moved in, Tammy became pregnant with their first baby. My wife had peaked my excitement during both of her pregnancies, so it was no different with Tammy. The larger I saw her become, the hornier I got. My wife often benefitted by it, since I'd get horny from seeing Tammy and then fuck the living
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