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Id been working in a factory outside of Los Angeles, California for just under fourteen months when on Friday along with my paycheck I received a pink slip. I was being laid off and like the people Id grown to know since my tenure with the company I was far from the only one, the factory had eliminated the third shift entirely and every one on the third shift who had not had at least two years tenure with the company was laid off indefinitely. The cost of living in California what it was I could not survive on a minimum wage job for a very long were I forced to take one, so with my final paycheck in hand I went to a coffee shop that I had frequented sitting there with a cup of coffee in front of me and making some harsh but necessary decisions. I considered my options and finally came to the conclusion that under the circumstances Id be better off were I returned to my home town of Coffeyville Kansas where I knew a great deal of people many of which were business owners and it would take too long before I could reestablish myself and get back on my feet. I took things to the pawnshop that had any significant value, other items like dishes pots and pans sheets pillowcases and the type of necessities one needed to set up a household I sold at a yard sale. What I was unable to sell at the yard sale I ended up either giving away or throwing away, I didnt have the entire amount necessary for a bus fare much less a plane ticket to get me back to Kansas. I gave it some long hard thought and considered my options deciding to buy a bus ticket to Arizona work there a while in a restaurant of some sort most likely then by another bus ticket probably to somewhere in Texas and again get a job most likely in a restaurant of some sort working there until I could afford to purchase bus fare to get me back to Coffeyville Kansas where I would be back on familiar territory. With two suitcases in hand I boarded a street bus and with two changes I soon arrived at the bus terminal, buying my ticket I had a six-hour wait
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