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The tall, slender, very attractive fifty year old woman sat alone at the small round table for two from which the second chair had been removed for use elsewhere. In that darkened corner of the lively night club she sat watching the bar and the working girls making connections with their ‘Johns’ for the night. Her hand rested on the table, holding a half empty gin and tonic glass. Masel Lundborg sat silently contemplating the action at the bar, mostly for amusement, and remembered that time just six weeks previous when she had been one of those working girls. For thirty one years ‘Angel’, as Mase called herself professionally, had been one of those working girls, servicing the men who came to her with money. At first those had been exciting years as her youthful appearance brought her top dollar for her services; then gradually, her experience and pleasant nature had made her the best paid in the business. She was able to select her clients carefully and life continued good. No man ever left ‘Angel’ dissatisfied and she put a part of herself into every encounter so that the client felt special. Then, with advancing age came the wrinkles and the inevitable signs of age. Her steady clients began to seek more youthful talent and she saw the end of her career in sight. It was time to retire. . . Mase was also a good business woman and with wise investments and frugal living she had amassed more than two million dollars. The money was soundly invested in various accounts and managed by the most trusted company in the business. Just six weeks ago, on her fiftieth birthday, she had served her last client, a rather unpleasant fellow with a very hearty sexual appetite. The man left satisfied and Mase became a very lonely woman. Thirty years as a hard working whore had long since cost her all her family and old friends. Her social life had been with the Johns she serviced and a few of the girls in the profession who were often lesbian or bisexual and not compatible with her interests. As she sat watching the activities in the club, during those intervening weeks it was the loneliness that hurt most. . . When one of the potential Johns occasionally came to her table to make conversation and a proposal, she replied simply,
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