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top in a rainy season early morning. (Laughs) Vineeta: you are insane. So tell me have you done it in a car. Me: yes, I have Vineeta: oh really. Donít lie how could you manage to do that there is not enough space and werenít you worried of getting caught. Me: well I was worried and I was caught once. Hehe. But thatís the excitement we were looking for. Vineeta: hahahahaha. U were caught so wat did you do? Me: well it did cost me 500 bucks. ;) Vineeta: hahaha.. ok tell me what was your favourite way of doin it or the most exiting one. I bet it was the back seat. Me: sry but it happens so that the most exiting one was in the driver seat. Vineeta: non-sense. Why the hell would you do it in the driver seat when you have the back seat. Me: well thatís because one cannot drive the car from back seat. Vineeta: WHAT THE FUCK!!! You were doing it while driving. Oh fuck!!! Me: well I did tell you it was the most exiting one I had. Vineeta: Tell me if someone really wants to have sex so how can you say it in the most exotic way by gestures only. Me: well thatís an easy one. You blow a cigarette smoke on to the guys face. Vineeta used to stay few kilometres from my place with a roommate. As fortunate as it may sound her society was damn strict and had a real good watch on tenants so she never really invited me at her place. On our next date she called me up and asked me if I was free as she was feeling bored. I was chilling at home to so we decided to go for a movie. We were at the mall but she was reluctant to go for a movie. So I asked her if she wanted to drink to which she promptly replied yes. We went to a pub close by. A few pegs down and we were talking again. Vineeta: you know rahil you are a really good guy. Me: oh thanks I am glad you think so please meet my mom and tell her that Vineeta: hahahahaÖ you know this is why I like your company. Me: and y exactly is thatÖ Vineeta: we flirt so much but I never felt that you crossed the line. You are humorous and so kind, even after brake-up (not the
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