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these feelings I had for one or two of them. Nah, I知 too old, I thought. Nah, no I知 not. I shrugged my shoulders and thought, as I stood up, and then looked at myself in the mirror. I turned all around. No. No I am not out of shape. I知 still a really good looking guy, I thought. At 39, these girls were that, and I emphasize much younger then me, were they? Oh come on now. I知 a good looking guy. I知 a sales rep, a marketing rep for a national company. I keep my own hours. I have the ability to do it all, or so I think I do. 滴ey Jack he said. 滴ey, we池e having a party this weekend. Bring someone along and join us, alright? We are and have been friends for a long time. We talked and while we talked all I thought about was her, his daughter, and how she looked out on that floor in that outfit. God, what a pervert I壇 become since getting divorced a few years back. Wow, is that all I think about? Damn, am I the only one thinking about her? I don稚 know and wish I didn稚 but I was had and continued to think about her. I thought about her all the god damn time too. And now? Well now here I was, pulling up to their house. All I envisioned was her in that blouse, that tight blouse and her tits. Not only did I see that, I saw the tightly wrapped skirt hugging her hips as if it were her last day on earth. It showed a finely tuned waist, slim and slim could be. I envisioned her naked breasts, again, and I finely saw her pussy in my mind. Mmmmm, smooth, real smooth, and shaved so darn close that your tongue slid on it as if it were ice and you couldn稚 balance yourself at all. I smiled as I got out of the car, carrying with me a bottle of Champaign. Inside finally, I said hi to everyone who was there, and also looked around for Amber, their daughter. Oh yeah, Amber, and her whole intriguing body. All of it and I mean every last morsel of it too. Hair, eyes, lips. Neck, shoulders, and yes those succulent young breasts of hers. Yes, her
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