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exact words I was hoping to hear, I wondered if she was gonna crib about all her ex) Me: hummmm… Vineeta: rahil you know I had a boyfriend and I could never speak to him about these things with him. It just felt incorrect. we thought it was immoral and never to be spoken about. But you made it so easy. I always felt like I was having a normal conversation. Me: hey that’s ok.. it will changes.. give him more time… but I bet the rest was good :P Vineeta: (she looked further depressed as soon as I said that… and I cursed myself for being a jack ass… just when I though she will burst in tears… she correct her face back to normal) Naahhh… he just did the usual… even I was under the belief that this is all that sex was about. But after hearing your stories.. wow!!! Me: Are you serious.. don’t tell me you didn’t do all this things…. Vineeta: Wat do it! I Didn’t even know… come on lets go I wanna have a smoke today. I had a pack of djarum cherry cigarettes. I offered it to her and we left. We entered the car and asked her wat nxt.. where to go? She replied lets just go somewhere quite. I had really started to get an idea of what was about to happen. but I was not sure if it would be the right thing. We had very little to drink.. but I was not sure if she was sober. I started driving and went into few allays, after a while she gestured me to park the car in some dark corner. There was not a sign of life around as though the world had come to an end. We had not spoken for a while now. She quietly lit the cigarette took a puff looked at me and blew it right on my face. She knew the gesture.. the message was clear. But even now I was in two states, should I really go ahead? Before I could do anything she said.. don’t worry I am not drunk and I know what I am asking for. We both moved forward and out lips meet. We kept on kissing and I really wanted to make it special for her.. I kissed her no tongue yet but breaking the kiss
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