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will be showing you exactly how the man inserts his penis, but first I’m going to ask John to come round to each of your desks so that you all can see his erection close up for yourselves. If you want to touch it I’m sure John won’t mind, will you John?” The young man swallowed hard and shook his head. “No, I’d like that,” he replied, his voice feeling thick in his throat. He felt highly aroused, and although he hoped very much that the girls would touch his penis, he hoped too that he wouldn’t disgrace himself by climaxing too soon. The thought of squirting his seed into the air as he stood there in front of the class both excited him further but hardened his determination not to let it happen until he and Miss James had completed their demonstration. “Before John shows his penis to you, let me just remind you about some of the things we learnt yesterday,” Miss James said, her soft voice distracting the naked youth at least partially from these troubling thoughts. She moved even closer to him and gently took his phallus in her hand. “The male organ when it’s fully erect is normally about six or seven inches long, though John’s actually happens to be a little longer than that.” She held the throbbing organ tenderly between her forefinger and thumb and pulled it downwards and away from his belly until it was almost horizontal, showing it to the class. “This rounded knob at the end here is called the glans penis and it’s covered by a mantle of loose skin, known as the foreskin.” The teacher touched each of the parts lightly with the index finger of her other hand as she spoke. “When the penis is erect, the tip of the glans protrudes from the foreskin, as John’s is doing now, and if you pull the foreskin back it sits neatly behind the rim of the glans. See, like this.” Miss James’s hand matched the deed to the words and exposed the shiny, purple-red head of John’s penis to the scrutiny of the schoolgirls. The young man swallowed hard in an effort to retain his composure but the pleasurable feel of Miss James’s cool hand holding his erection and the intense gaze of the pretty, young pupils was having a profound effect. A delicious feeling of heaviness was beginning in his balls, and he parted his legs slightly to ease the pressure that was building there. “My brother is circumsized,” volunteered a dark-haired
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