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it better.” “You’ll need to tell me what to do, I’m really new to this.” I wasn’t surprised, he was a good ten years younger than me, his body hard and strong, the way I liked my men. I was loath to let go of his cock but would have to if I wanted my ass smacked. I rolled onto my belly and stuck my ass up a bit. “Come get it.” Alex pulled the sheets down and spent a long time just gazing at my butt. Enjoying being spanked had come as a surprise to me as I didn’t really get off on pain, but my ass enjoyed attention, anything from a caress to a kiss or a squeeze, right up to a smack as I’d discovered when I was introduced to it by a previous lover. Not only was it enjoyable it did encourage my sphincter to relax and loosen up enough to take a man. The introduction of a thick cock up there was both the most uncomfortable and one of the most thrilling parts of being buggered. I loved the feeling of being opened and stretched as a man entered my butt. I felt my lovers hand now, moving over the firm hemispheres of my ass, enjoying the texture of my smooth skin. “It is a lovely ass,” he whispered. “Thank you.” His fingertips traced the crease from the base of my spine right down to where my buttocks flared open. It was ticklish, but nice ticklish and I felt the muscles of my butt relax. He inserted his fingers, spread my cheeks and a fingertip poked gently at my butt hole. “It’s hard to believe such a tiny hole can take my cock.” “It’s very adaptable, believe me. Spank me now, honey.” Like most spanking newbies he had no idea of how much pain a woman could take and his first efforts were feeble, light slaps that barely evoked any response. “Harder!” I urged him and slowly he understood that I could take much more punishment than he was inflicting. His blows increased in power and I imagined the reddening of my skin back there as the heat of his strikes seared through me. I moaned with pleasure which Alex took for distress. “No, don’t stop, spank me some more!” As he resumed I slipped a hand between my legs and a fingertip onto my clit. “Oh yeah, that’s good,”
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